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June 13, 2012

Resource Wednesday3

Resource Wednesday #3: Edit Suite Design

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I don’t know about you, but every couple months I seem to get tasked to do something that I have never ever done before. I’m usually delighted, until I realize I’m also expected to execute on a professional level. It is one of those aspects of life that is both exhilarating & terrifying (like having children?). One area that this happened in for me recently was to help plan out two separate edit suite environments. So after some online research, here are the blogs that have helped me most in designing a professional edit suite…

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NAB 2012: Documentary Editing Session 2 Notes

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My notes from NAB’s 2012 documentary editing class.

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NAB 2012: Documentary Editing Session 1 Notes

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Here are my raw notes from the National Assoc. of Broadcasters training day about documentary editing. You can see session two notes here. NAB Show 2012 Focus On: Documentary Editing Session 1 – “Hemingway’s Jest” by Steve Audette Character-driven narratives are key. First doc made: Nanook of the North, A Story of Life & Love.

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Colorista Free VS FCP 3-Way Color Corrector

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I’m not all about endorsing things on here, but I just used Colorista Free for Final Cut Pro for the first time, and had to share the results. About a month ago, Red Giant Software released its latest Magic Bullet plug in: Colorista Free. It’s based off of Colorista II, which is an excellent color.

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Case Study: Roma Boots Story

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The goal of this video is to share the story of why Roma Boots exists & how people can join. For more about the organization, check out It’s always refreshing to work on a project that is mostly about people. The motion graphics stuff is fun, but this industry is still about stories, and.

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Post Production at a Live Event

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Every year leading up to the New Year, IHOP-KC hosts a 4 day long conference called ‘onething.’ With about 25,000 physical attendees last year, it’s the biggest event we do. I head up post production there, so thought I’d share a bit about doing post for live events. We have 8 total in our department..

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Color Correction Examples

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When making videos, it’s all about the story/content. There are many supporting factors that go into creating a good story, and color is among the most important. This year I’ve been learning much about the color correction/grading process, and I recently did a project that really pushed my personal coloring skills, especially as it was.

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