Prepare the Way

Prepare the Way

February 1, 2011

This is a promo for a business focused on training people on how to be ready for any natural or economic disaster.

The original concept for this video wasn’t all motion graphics, but it’s hard to show disasters without getting rights to news footage, so we went the animated route to visualize each idea.

The original design was the logo & 7 areas of preparedness. With 2 animators, having a consistent look/feel was essential. Being a minimalist design, I approached the look of the video from the same standpoint, thereby making the images flat & vectored. I did the first half, my co-worker did the 2nd half.

For a deeper look into the making of it, go here​e3rWjF

Producer: Myself
Animators: Jason White & Myself
Audio Mixing: Billy Welsh
Voice Over: Jaye Thomas
Logo Design: Kenny Barela (

Software: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, & Pro Tools