History of 24/7 Prayer

History of 24/7 Prayer

December 15, 2010

The vision of this project was to give a brief history of 24/7 prayer and how it leads into the current worldwide prayer movement. It is meant to be part educational, part inspirational.

I decided to visualize the history by recreating each location in a cinematic way. This was done through compositing still images and custom effects. Then once the timeline reaches “today”, it transitions to a map with footage of real prayer meetings to emphasize both that it is happening today, and in many countries.

Also featured here is a compositing breakdown of each cinematic slate.

Producer: Jono Hall
Voice Over: Lou Engle
Edit Assist: Andy Sheehan
Music: “Call for Heroes” by Pierre Gerwig Langer

Here is a more in-depth article on the history of 24/7 prayer by Jono Hall.