Abolition Summit Promo

This is a promo for Exodus Cry’s annual Abolition Summit.

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Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 9.59.35 PM

Kickanotch Mobile

A fun explainer video for Kickanotch Mobile.

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IHOP-KC Internships Promo

A 60 second promo I animated to re-brand IHOP-KC’s Internships.

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Demo Reel

Here is a montage of my recent work. Enjoy :)

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NMOS Amsterdam

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

A documentary I co-edited that exposes the trends in modern sex slavery.

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Moral Revolution

Moral Revolution Promo

A short, inspirational promo about choosing a lifestyle of purity.

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OnDaySix Intro

Go back to Eden in this short animation for an online dating site.

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Roma Boots

Roma Boots Story

The story of Romanian-born Samuel Bistrian & his non-profit for children in poor, wet climates.

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Prepare the Way

Prepare the Way

A short, infographical promo about being ready for any natural or economic disaster.

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History of 247 Prayer

History of 24/7 Prayer

A brief history of 24/7 prayer along with a visual effects making-of.

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‘Limited Edition’ CD Promo

A short promo for IHOP-KC’s Limited Edition album that features the best live recordings from their 24/7 prayer room.

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Pay Gap

Pay Gap Heart Attack

An infographical video about the Federal pay gap.

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onething 09 promo

onething Conference Promo

Promo for the onething conference.

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PFJ Title Seq

PFJ Conference Title Sequence

A timelapse title sequence created to open a conference on T.V. worldwide.

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