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Thoughts on Effective Documentary Distribution

By , On April 23, 2012, In Ideas, With 3 Comments

Most documentaries are independently made, and appeal to a fairly niche audience. One of their strengths is their ability to tell compelling stories about real people right now. But a gaping weakness has been people’s ability to find them. So what is best way to get your doc to its demographic?

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Pursue Your Passions

By , On April 18, 2012, In Case Study, Ideas, With 0 Comments

I was impacted recently after talking with two separate editors in one day, who have subtly similar stories. I will be brief with their stories. Editor 1 spent many years working on commercials and documentaries. Burned out on commercials, he recently started working solely on documentaries, because at the core he is a storyteller and.

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The Danger of a Single Story

By , On March 17, 2012, In Ideas, With 0 Comments

This Ted Talk is such a powerful concept. The main point is that hearing only one side of a story, as true as it may be, gives people an incomplete perspective on any given people group, topic, issue, etc. But how can we avoid this mistake in our own communication efforts?

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Freelancing: 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far

By , On December 6, 2011, In Featured, Ideas, With 6 Comments

Two months ago, I set out into the wild world of working for myself. From the desire to grow a video company, to recently becoming the sole breadwinner in my family, my reasons were both visionary & monetary. It has already been an exciting, bumpy ride full of unexpected turns. I realize that each person’s.

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Video Project Questionnaire

By , On October 24, 2011, In Ideas, Video, With 0 Comments

It is becoming more popular for organizations to produce videos about who they are, what they do, and how you & I can be a part of it. These are especially common for an organization’s website. In short, they are promos, but I like to call them vision videos, because the point isn’t necessarily to.

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Book Review: Outspoken

By , On October 16, 2011, In Faith, Ideas, With 1 Comment

“The church has the greatest story ever told: The message of the gospel. Unfortunately, most churches aren’t doing a great job of communicating it.” This is the premise for Outspoken. From leadership & technology, to social media & design, it gives a summary with multiple perspectives for each area.

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Managing the Artist?

By , On July 15, 2011, In Ideas, Leadership, Teamwork, With 0 Comments

I’m often thinking about the differences between leading people & managing people.  Here’s the most recent thought: Leadership is more about inspiring and motivating. Managing is more about giving direction & feedback. Let’s focus on the managing side today. Working in a creative environment, I initially thought everyone wanted freedom of expression. That people wanted.

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Dealing with Offense in Creative Environments

By , On June 8, 2011, In Ideas, Leadership, With 1 Comment

Creativity. It flows in & through us. Everyone has it, but not everyone wants to make a career out of it. I’ve spent a lot of time around young people that have some type of creative aspirations. Many of these people have high aspirations to “go far” and “do great things.” This is great. People.

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Why I Went to NAB

By , On April 15, 2011, In Ideas, Leadership, Teamwork, With 0 Comments

Disclaimer: It wasn’t for FCPX :) It was day 1 of the National Association of Broadcasters. I was roaming the floor with 90,000 others, and some questions hit my head. Why am I am here? What am I expected to accomplish? What are my goals for this trip? No one is holding me accountable for.

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Favorite Business Articles – Feb 2011

By , On February 11, 2011, In Ideas, Leadership, With 0 Comments

I never went to school for business or had official training for it (maybe I shouldn’t share this publicly…), but lately I’ve really wanted to learn what it takes. So I’ve been diving in head first and wanted to share some of my favorite articles so far. Leader vs. Contractor (Collide) You’re Not that Talented,.

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