Playing Around

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Prepping to teach After Effects basics at John Brown University last week, I made the IT’S TIME TO START text for the kinetic typography segment. Then I just kept going until I ran out of time :) Music by Blue Man Group

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Kinetic Typography: What & Why

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Recently, I was invited to teach at the Kansas City After Effects Boot Camp about Kinetic Typography. This is the first of (hopefully) several posts about what I’ve learned & some personal opinions about the world of kinetic type. The interesting thing about kinetic type is that it blends two worlds: Design & Motion. It’s.

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Case Study: Prepare the Way Promo

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1) Landing on a Concept/Script The first draft of the script was quite different than the final product. It included the ‘Prepare The Way’ trainers, man on the street interviews, and footage or photos of various recent disasters. However… there were some big challenges with that approach. It was January & snowing, making man on.

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10 Infographics from 2010

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Prepare to learn. Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to scroll down. Below are 10 fantastically designed informational graphics, mostly from the year 2010. Infographics are great examples of good design. It’s a ton of information packed together in a way that is understandable & pleasing to the eyes. Most of them use minimalist design, bringing.

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Case Study: Conference Title Sequence

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I recently made this title sequence for IHOP-KC’s conference to air worldwide on GodTV. It’s pretty simple, but I thought it would be fun to give a slight breakdown of the creation. My job was to create a 20 or 30 second conference opener that was compelling enough to air worldwide, yet generic enough to.

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Compositing Practice

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I’ve never done much compositing, but got inspired after watching an excerpt from “The I Heart Revolution” film that was animated by Glenn Stewart. Thought I’d share what I did today for a project with IHOP-KC. Before: After: (imagine the snow actually falling) Software: Adobe After Effects & Photoshop Plug-ins: Video Copilot’s Optical Flares &.

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The Art of Collaboration

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IHOP-KC’s onething young adult conference is one month away, and for the post production team here that means a lot of work in December. It’s the biggest event we do, therefore it requires the most videos. Most of us celebrate Christmas over Thanksgiving or in January. We had a meeting today to discuss all the.

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Maintaining the Big Picture

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In 1662, Blaise Pascal invented the first horse-drawn public bus. Horses would be one of the main ways of transportation for the next 150 years. I can think of all the men & women that made a living building carriages or iron hooves. People maintained horses & managed repair shops. If there were commercials, I.

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