NAB 2012: Documentary Editing Session 2 Notes

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My notes from NAB’s 2012 documentary editing class.

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NAB 2012: Documentary Editing Session 1 Notes

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Here are my raw notes from the National Assoc. of Broadcasters training day about documentary editing. You can see session two notes here. NAB Show 2012 Focus On: Documentary Editing Session 1 – “Hemingway’s Jest” by Steve Audette Character-driven narratives are key. First doc made: Nanook of the North, A Story of Life & Love.

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The Danger of a Single Story

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This Ted Talk is such a powerful concept. The main point is that hearing only one side of a story, as true as it may be, gives people an incomplete perspective on any given people group, topic, issue, etc. But how can we avoid this mistake in our own communication efforts?

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Case Study: Kickanotch Video

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Kickanotch came to me asking for a short explainer video about who they are and what they do. They build and manage mobile applications specifically for the media industry. Of course, I was excited to help.

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Freelancing: 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far

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Two months ago, I set out into the wild world of working for myself. From the desire to grow a video company, to recently becoming the sole breadwinner in my family, my reasons were both visionary & monetary. It has already been an exciting, bumpy ride full of unexpected turns. I realize that each person’s.

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Video Project Questionnaire

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It is becoming more popular for organizations to produce videos about who they are, what they do, and how you & I can be a part of it. These are especially common for an organization’s website. In short, they are promos, but I like to call them vision videos, because the point isn’t necessarily to.

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Book Review: Outspoken

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“The church has the greatest story ever told: The message of the gospel. Unfortunately, most churches aren’t doing a great job of communicating it.” This is the premise for Outspoken. From leadership & technology, to social media & design, it gives a summary with multiple perspectives for each area.

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New Baby, New Job

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My wife & I are happy to announce our first little child, Abrielle Joy Miracle, has come into the world! She is beautiful and so much fun to love (even through the lack of sleep). And yes, she has a ton of hair :)

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Leading Teams Intentionally

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Eight years ago, I led my first team ever: a group of custodians responsible for cleaning guy & girl dorms. It was my first time really cleaning, and am not sure why I led the team; but I did discover that although guys smell worse, girls have way more clutter.

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Moral Revolution Promo

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Here’s the newest little promo that I served as creative director on. My role was mainly to write, give direction on visual concepts, and coordinate the efforts of those involved.

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