Adventures in Building a Post Facility

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THE JOURNEY My first media job was as an intern doing equipment management for production and post. All I wanted to do at the time was edit and animate, but instead I learned about systems and workflows. Looking back, it was a great foundation, and the things I learned have always been useful. Several years.

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7 Values To Guide Your Work Efforts

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This post is the result of my reflecting on some of the most impacting values I’ve learned in the last few years. I have been fortunate to work under some great leaders, and this is a snippet of their legacies. They are things that I try to live myself, and what I look for in those I work alongside.

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A TEDtalk + Thoughts on Education

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In this TEDtalk, Emily Pilloton shares her alternative methods on teaching children that are not in very good school systems. Her techniques focus much more than usual on design and direct community impact. Maybe what I love so much about these ideas is that they give me hope that education can be enjoyable…

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Resource Wednesday3

Resource Wednesday #3: Edit Suite Design

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I don’t know about you, but every couple months I seem to get tasked to do something that I have never ever done before. I’m usually delighted, until I realize I’m also expected to execute on a professional level. It is one of those aspects of life that is both exhilarating & terrifying (like having children?). One area that this happened in for me recently was to help plan out two separate edit suite environments. So after some online research, here are the blogs that have helped me most in designing a professional edit suite…

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Resource Wednesday2

Resource Wednesday #2: Freelancing Pt. 2

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This week’s Resource Wednesday is about the business and client management side of freelancing. This is the second post highlighting my favorite freelancing resources that helped me in my first year or so.

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Resource Wednesday1

Resource Wednesday #1: Freelancing Pt.1

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This first edition of Resource Wednesdays features my favorite freelancing resources on the web.

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Typographic Verses = Animation Inspiration

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An animation based on designs of Bible one-liners, known as Typographic Verses.

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“Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” on DVD

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The new documentary, “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”, that exposes the worldwide sex trade is now on DVD.

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Thoughts on Effective Documentary Distribution

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Most documentaries are independently made, and appeal to a fairly niche audience. One of their strengths is their ability to tell compelling stories about real people right now. But a gaping weakness has been people’s ability to find them. So what is best way to get your doc to its demographic?

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Pursue Your Passions

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I was impacted recently after talking with two separate editors in one day, who have subtly similar stories. I will be brief with their stories. Editor 1 spent many years working on commercials and documentaries. Burned out on commercials, he recently started working solely on documentaries, because at the core he is a storyteller and.

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