I am excited to announce that the documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, was released on DVD today (May 1, 2012). Blu-ray will be available soon, and hopefully VOD later in the year.

This doc has been a four year process that took the filmmakers to 19 countries as they interviewed people and shot lots of footage with the intent of exposing the atrocities of the worldwide sex trade. These 96 minutes are the result featuring interviews from girls in the industry, pimps, “Johns”, and psychologists that work among them all. I had the opportunity to help with editing over the last year.

Currently, it is only being sold on the film’s website here, as we are self distributing it.

Maybe in a later post I’ll share a bit about the making-of or some nifty film-making insights, but for now here’s the trailer:

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