In this TEDtalk, Emily Pilloton shares her alternative methods on teaching children that are not in very good school systems. Her techniques focus much more than usual on design and direct community impact.

Although a bit out of my sphere of influence, I’m greatly inspired by people and organizations like this that are re-thinking how to teach people in ways that are more active, hands-on and directly impacting for others around them. As someone whose learning was negatively affected by mild tourettes syndrome, I highly value emerging education methods that focus on what is effective for individuals. At times, our culture tends to focus on educating the masses to such an extent that it actually makes it more challenging for some individuals to thrive.

Maybe what I love so much about these ideas is that they give me hope that education can be enjoyable. Not necessarily fun like recess, but still enjoyable. Why is enjoyable education important to me? Because I think that enjoyment is a key ingredient to effectiveness – especially when talking about children. I think of the Ken Burns’ documentaries that merge compelling stories with historically educational content. I remember the information, because I was moved by the stories.

One other thing that Pilloton taps into is the human desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. This could grant motivation to a student that doesn’t particularly care about “straight A’s”. That’s a big reason I even blog. Not to make money or gain followers, but because I enjoy sharing things that may help people.

So those are my thoughts after watching this talk. How about you? What does it make you think about?

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