The fun part about this video was compositing it all together. It was kinda like a big puzzle having to find all the right elements from different images. There are about 8 different baroque-style paintings used to create this (including a separate picture for Eve’s hair & one of Adam’s nipples… don’t ask).

Here are some of the main images used:

This animation technique is known as parallax, which is a very basic compositing method, often using 2D images in a 3D environment.

Here are some basic compositing techniques that really helped bring it all together:

1) Motion Blur. Never underestimate the power to hide subtle mistakes with a good ‘ole blur. (There’s even one in here that I found)

2) After some curves & basic coloring on each layer, I used an adjustment layer over all the layers to do the final color grade. This helps blend all the images together.

3) Depth of Field. A camera’s DOF really gives the effect of, well, depth… the feeling that things are farther away than they really are.

Any other techniques that you like to use?

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