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July 2011

10 Kids 1 Parent Sizzle Reel

By , On July 25, 2011, In Faith, Video, With 0 Comments

This is a sizzle reel about an adoptive family with 10 children & only 1 parent. These kinds of videos are created as short pitches for studios that may be interested in picking them up as a full on TV series. Therefore, they rarely see the light of day. This is an older one I.

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Managing the Artist?

By , On July 15, 2011, In Ideas, Leadership, Teamwork, With 0 Comments

I’m often thinking about the differences between leading people & managing people.  Here’s the most recent thought: Leadership is more about inspiring and motivating. Managing is more about giving direction & feedback. Let’s focus on the managing side today. Working in a creative environment, I initially thought everyone wanted freedom of expression. That people wanted.

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