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February 2011

Kinetic Typography: What & Why

By , On February 22, 2011, In Creativity, Design, Motion Graphics, Uncategorized, With 0 Comments

Recently, I was invited to teach at the Kansas City After Effects Boot Camp about Kinetic Typography. This is the first of (hopefully) several posts about what I’ve learned & some personal opinions about the world of kinetic type. The interesting thing about kinetic type is that it blends two worlds: Design & Motion. It’s.

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Favorite Business Articles – Feb 2011

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I never went to school for business or had official training for it (maybe I shouldn’t share this publicly…), but lately I’ve really wanted to learn what it takes. So I’ve been diving in head first and wanted to share some of my favorite articles so far. Leader vs. Contractor (Collide) You’re Not that Talented,.

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Case Study: Prepare the Way Promo

By , On February 4, 2011, In Animation, Case Study, Creativity, Design, Motion Graphics, Uncategorized, With 1 Comment

1) Landing on a Concept/Script The first draft of the script was quite different than the final product. It included the ‘Prepare The Way’ trainers, man on the street interviews, and footage or photos of various recent disasters. However… there were some big challenges with that approach. It was January & snowing, making man on.

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