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January 2011

10 Infographics from 2010

By , On January 30, 2011, In Creativity, Design, With 0 Comments

Prepare to learn. Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to scroll down. Below are 10 fantastically designed informational graphics, mostly from the year 2010. Infographics are great examples of good design. It’s a ton of information packed together in a way that is understandable & pleasing to the eyes. Most of them use minimalist design, bringing.

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No More Resolutions

By , On January 14, 2011, In Ideas, Leadership, With 0 Comments

A couple weeks have passed since New Years, and maybe you made some resolutions. Maybe you’ve already broken some. Personally, I never liked resolutions. When the new year would roll around, I was more likely thinking about what I got for Christmas than how I wanted to live differently. However, this year my wife, Kristin,.

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Post Production at a Live Event

By , On January 4, 2011, In Case Study, Teamwork, Video Editing, With 0 Comments

Every year leading up to the New Year, IHOP-KC hosts a 4 day long conference called ‘onething.’ With about 25,000 physical attendees last year, it’s the biggest event we do. I head up post production there, so thought I’d share a bit about doing post for live events. We have 8 total in our department..

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