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November 2010

The Art of Collaboration

By , On November 30, 2010, In Creativity, Ideas, Teamwork, With 0 Comments

IHOP-KC’s onething young adult conference is one month away, and for the post production team here that means a lot of work in December. It’s the biggest event we do, therefore it requires the most videos. Most of us celebrate Christmas over Thanksgiving or in January. We had a meeting today to discuss all the.

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Maintaining the Big Picture

By , On November 20, 2010, In Creativity, Ideas, Innovation, Leadership, With 0 Comments

In 1662, Blaise Pascal invented the first horse-drawn public bus. Horses would be one of the main ways of transportation for the next 150 years. I can think of all the men & women that made a living building carriages or iron hooves. People maintained horses & managed repair shops. If there were commercials, I.

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Empowering Ideas

By , On November 16, 2010, In Design, Leadership, Teamwork, With 0 Comments

I was recently doing a project that required a lot of conception & design. It was a 3+ minute video – all motion graphics – due in 4 days. Yeah, I didn’t sleep much. At one point I had an idea that I was unsure about (typical among creatives). So I showed my boss, and.

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